Female Masturbation Tips

You might have thought about the best ways in which you can have satisfying moments with yourself. Most people consider masturbation a safe way to feel good. It is natural for people to touch themselves and discover what makes them happy. Solo play does not have major drawbacks and it is often associated with several health benefits. After all, it is important to get a pleasant sexual experience in the absence of your partner too.

Some women try to hurry in the process to get orgasm soon. But, it might affect satisfaction and you might not feel like masturbating. After all, masturbation does not necessarily need to provide orgasmic experience. But if you are in a mood to get an endorphin rush, listed are the few tips that would help in achieving it.

  • Setting up the mood: The environment where you masturbate can play a significant role in providing you with a pleasant experience. For a great solo session, ensure complete privacy, turn downlights, place scented candles in the room, and start relaxing music. All of this together can ensure a good mood.
  • Use a little lube: Your vagina gets lube naturally as you begin with the process of masturbation. However, in case you are feeling a bit dry, a lube can come in handy. Applying lube can ease the penetration making it easier to get pleasure. Make sure to not use too much oil or lubricant as it can ruin the whole experience.
  • Give yourself enough time: Rushing in masturbation can decrease the sensual experience significantly as your body needs time to ease up the process. Play around with yourself and you will enjoy the sensations throughout your body. If you skip this part, there are chances that you might end up being upset with the whole process.
  • Try new sex toys: You can not orgasm forever with your usual sex toys, you need to stimulate yourself using a variety of toys. SVAKOM makes next-generation sex toys like Elva, Emmy, Echo, and Alice that are suitable for your sex life.
  • Watch erotica and let your mind wander: Watching porn can have a significant impact on your imagination that can turn up the heat. You can consider reading a dirty book too as it can open your mind towards the different ways you can imagine things.

Here are a few sex toys that can surprise you in a variety of ways:

1. SVAKOM Elva: Elva is an intelligent vibrating love egg that provides 26 different vibration modes to enhance pleasure experience. It is small in size and easy to carry along during travels. Its powerful motor ensures satisfaction.

2. SVAKOM Amy: Amy works in 6 vibration modes at 5 different intensities, making this waterproof vibrator a complete package for your sex life. It is made for women to provide clitoris and G-spot stimulation.

3. SVAKOM Echo: Echo has a stunning perfectly curved design. It is the sexiest tongue vibrator in the whole sex toy industry. Moreover, it is highly mobile and can be taken to places easily. It is an amazing foreplay massager for women.

4. SVAKOM Alice: Alice is a dual motor clitoris and G-spot massager. It is abbreviated as a rabbit vibrator due to its unique rabbit-like design. It is designed to stimulate your sensitive parts internally and externally at the same time.


Masturbation can deliver much more than a few pleasant moments. Making sure to keep the tips in mind can enhance your experience of masturbation. Little things like setting up the room, using a lube, using a sex toy, trying different positions, watching porn, and thinking about erotic stuff can together form a bridge for a perfect ride. You can get a variety of sex toys and have them delivered at your doorstep.

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